- We do restorations on any Antique Billiard Table.
- Carvings, reproduction of parts, Veneering or marquetry can be performed on Billiard Tables or any kind of antique.
- We do specialized finishes such as rubbed lacquer, or French Polish.
- In the process of restoring Antiques, we will also give as much attention to the structural aspect of a piece as well as the esthetics of the exterior of the piece.
- We are capable of customizing an antique beyond its original facade and keep the design as homogenous as possible.
- Restoration of Collectibles & Artwork.
- We are capable of performing restorations on a variety of collectible items, both two dimensional and three dimensional.
- Items that have been broken can be reglued or seemed. They will be worked to the original shape and colorized and glazed to as close to the original as possible.
- Glass or crystal items can be reglued with a UV-sensitive glue to have a clear mend.


- Reproductions of Antique Billiard Tables can be produced to as reasonable a facsimile or with specific modifications requested by the client.
- Reproduction of parts can be made to replace missing or excessively damaged parts.
- Please email or call for consultation.